Introducing: The Qatalum Way

Introducing: The Qatalum Way

A new management system is going to bring the Qatalum organization forward to reach its defined goals. This week Qatalum presented the all-new Qatalum Way – a key reference point that will serve as the company’s guiding light in the challenging work that lies ahead.

With a new set of values and principles, a defined mission statement, and guidelines for value based management, the Qatalum organization now has created the toolbox which will be used to reach the goals already set.​

​​​​Truls Gautesen (left) speaking with Hydro executive vice presidents Tom Røtjer and Torstein Dale Sjøtveit. (Photo: Halvor Molland)​

Guiding light

"The Qatalum Way is how we plan to operate the most effective plant and workplace in the world. This is our guiding light," says Truls Gautesen, CEO of Qatalum. He adds that he believes that the management system the Qatalum Way represents is crucial for the further development of the company. "Everything we do as leaders​ and co-workers in Qatalum should be based on the values, principles and strategic guidelines that we now have decided on," he says.

To build an organization as large as Qatalum in such a short time, represents several challenges. With the number of nationalities employed estimated at about 25, there is no doubt that the Qatalum organization will become a cultural melting pot when it is fully manned by the end of next year.

Four values

"That is why respect is one our four values. To become an employee at Qatalum you must learn to work with colleagues who don't necessarily think the exact same way as you do. The key is to learn how to benefit from the best of many cultures through mutual respect," says Gautesen, adding that the other three values – enthusiastic, proactive and trustworthy – are all just as important.

The values are based upon the company's four key performance areas: ethics, drive, ability and attitude. "We need to deliver high standards in these performance areas to achieve our mission," Gautesen says.

Qatalum's mission is to create a future of opportunities through environmental integrity and by setting the standard in operational excellence. "That is the promise we give to our stakeholders. The Qatalum Way is all about fulfilling our mission, and therefore it will serve as a key reference point for decision-making and how we act as leaders and employees of this company."​