HSE launches Heat Stress Awareness 2015

​Working in a hot environment, like those found in the Casthouse, Carbon, Reduction and Power Plant.

​Working outdoors in operations and maintenance can be very challenging for all of us in the hot summer months. Therefore caution is advised to remain hydrated and cool.

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2015 Heat Stress Awareness Campaign Poster

As we all know, heat induced health issues are highly relevant in hot climates. High heat exposure leads to heat stress, heat exhaustion and in extreme cases to heat stroke which can result in serious injury including death. At Qatalum, keeping ourselves and each other cool and properly hydrated must be a health and safety priority.
All too often the focus is on the treatment of Heat related illness but the most important aspect is Prevention.  At Qatalum, prevention begins with each one of us knowing and understanding the Qatalum heat stress protocols and procedures.
HSE is launching this year’s Heat Stress Awareness Campaign which focuses on individual’s role of combating heat stress and promoting zero heat stress related cases.

The 2015 Campaign follows up on last year’s successful campaign. This generally aims to continuously decrease the number of heat related events from 2014.

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Decrease in heat stress cases at Qatalum since 2012 due to awareness and prevention

This year’s campaign will focus on effects of heat on human body and prevention of heat related illness or sickness during the summer at Qatalum.

The campaign will be launched on 26 May, 2015 during the town hall meeting initiated by the CEO. Activities of the Campaign are to include heat stress talks, urine gravity talks and SMS heat index notification.

Qatalum’s HSSE Manager, Deon Earle says, “Heat stress is one of the major risks in the GCC region. At Qatalum, we maintain a high priority and commitment to improving our initiative in fighting heat stress.”