Giving back to the community: Qatalum to support the Qatar Diabetes Association

Qatalum, the state-of-the-art aluminium smelter has announced its support of the Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA).

Giving back to the community

A token of appreciation from the QDA, presented to Qatalum’s representative, Ibrahim Fakhri

On behalf of the Qatalum manageme​nt, Mr Ibrahim J. Fakhri and Mr Khalifa Al Khuzaei from the Communications Department recently presented the Association’s representatives with a donation cheque that will cover the cost of blood glucose meters for 250 diabetes patients.

QDA was founded in 1995 as a charitable organisation and is a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. QDA’s vision is to lead efforts in terms of patient care in Qatar and the region, as well as promote prevention, care and management of diabetes. The Association also distributes up-to-date information and undertakes studies and scientific research in the service of society, and for the development of scientific research methods.

Speaking of the importance of participating in such events, Qatalum Communications Manager Ibrahim J. Fakhri said, “Qatalum is well on its way to a prominent position as a leader in the Gulf for operational excellence, high-quality aluminium products and environmental performance. Just as we fulfil our industrial commitments, we feel it is our duty to give back to the community by supporting organisations such as the Qatar Diabetes Association.

Giving back to the community

The incidence of diabetes in the region is growing at an alarming rate, with the number of patients increasing annually. By supporting this cause, we are contributing to help raise awareness of this debilitating disease. Once the target groups’ knowledge is improved, diabetics can understand that they too can live comfortable lives”.

According to studies conducted by the QDA in 2008, about 16.7% of the adult Qatari population are suffering from diabetes. Approximately seven million new cases of diabetes are identified each year, with more than 300 million people living with diabetes worldwide, a number that is expected to reach 500 million by 2030.

Qatalum’s sponsorship of QDA is in line with the important role played by the QDA, and is part of its ethical constitution to provide the best educational and awareness services to the community in general, and to diabetes patients in particular. Qatalum has pledged its unlimited support to the Association, which is resounding proof of the company’s community development strategy and involvement in charitable activities.​