Computerized English Language Testing

As a part of Qatarization & Development (Q&D) improvement strategy, Q&D team has completed the computerized English Language exam for the Qatalum Preparation Program (QPP). Q&D has been working with IT on this project since the last quarter of 2015.

Magdi Hamed, English Language Instructor developed the Qatalum Preparation Program (QPP) final exam of level two on the new system and conducted its testing successfully on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

The objective of the in-house English language program is to help improve QPPs competency in communication at an elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate level.

This system is very helpful to the national students who joined the QPP because it works as a useful training method. The computerized English language assessment system can also support the recruitment process through candidate evaluation and competency tests. This system has many powerful features such as random sets of questions, training modes or exam modes and is able to generate full reports after the submission of an exam.

Mr. AbdulHalim Al-Bader Qatarization and Development Manager stated that, “Moving towards the digitalization is a part of the blended learning system project”. He also mentioned that Q&D started with English language and can also be implemented for others subjects within the QPP program such as mathematic, chemistry and physics.

Qatarization & Development would like to thank the IT department especially Mr. Shady Khorshed for his tireless effort on developing this project.

Magdi Hamed believes, “The English language is essential in today’s world. Developing National competency with in-house trainers is the best way to improve skills. Because the courses are delivered in-house, the project stays very cost effective.”