Commissioning of power plant

​​​Qatalum, the 50/50 joint venture aluminium plant between Qatar Petroleum and Hydro, is experiencing further delays in reaching full production due to challenges with the commissioning of the power plant’s steam turbines. Qatalum, currently producing at 70 percent capacity, is now expected to reach full production by the end of third quarter 2011.

Further ramp-up is dependent on a successful commissioning and performance testing of the two steam turbines which in the revised commissioning plan will enable Qatalum to reach full output by the end of the third quarter 2011. According to the current ramp-up plan, Qatalum should have run at full 585,000 tonnes per year capacity from June 2011. Currently, 490 pots of a total of 704 are in operation, representing about 70 percent of total capacity. The producing pots are operating well and according to specifications.

The power plant is being built for Qatalum by a consortium led by General Electric (GE) with Doosan under a turn-key contract and is now significantly delayed compared to the original project plan.

During commissioning of the power plant’s steam turbines throughout May and into June, several technical issues were identified. These have delayed the takeover process. GE/Doosan is in the process of solving these issues, and Qatalum expects to take over the first of the two steam turbines for permanent operation shortly. Qatalum has so far only taken over four gas turbines with related support systems for permanent operation.

Following the takeover of the first steam turbine, ramp-up will continue until a new plateau is reached. At this point, the last steam turbine will be phased in, before continuing ramp-up towards the full 704 pots. The speed of the remaining ramp-up will also have to be aligned with the hot summer period in Qatar.