CEO speaks in strategic panel session at Qatar Projects 2011

CEO speaks in strategic panel session at Qatar Projects 2011

Qatalum recently participated in the MEED-organised Qatar Projects 2011 conference in Doha, during which Jan Arve Haugan and other regional CEOs discussed the future of Qatar, as well as energy developments made in 2010 at a high-level CEO panel discussion.

CEO speaks in strategic panel session at Qatar Projects 2011 

​Following FIFA's announcement in December that Qatar will play host to the 2022 World Cup, Qatar is looking forward to the launch of an unprecedented wave of investment in social and industrial infrastructure that is expected to involve about $100 billion over the next five years alone. Qatar Projects 2011 investigated and outlined the key elements of the capital investment plan needed to support the world's greatest sporting event, as well as focusing on the major infrastructure projects under way.

Qatar Projects 2011 presented Qatar-based companies and projects with an excellent opportunity to meet and network with all those behind the next phase of Qatar's capital investment programme and the World Cup 2022 Final plan, drawing on the expertise of representatives of the entire project supply chain, from leading clients to key service providers.

As a Gold Sponsor of the conference, Qatalum was given a chance to address those present at the event and communicate its vision, as well as to participate in relevant sessions, reach key stakeholders in the Middle East market and maximise networking opportunities.

On the first day of the 2 day conference, 8th February, Haugan took part in a high-level CEO panel discussion, entitled 'Discussing the National Vision for 2030 – where is Qatar currently, and where is it heading?', together with a number of regional CEOs, as well as the CEO of the Bid Committee. Participants in this headline session focused on reviewing the progress of mega energy and non-energy project developments over the last year, showcasing key projects, examining project expansion strategies, considering future business opportunities and ensuring the long-term viability of project developments.

Speaking of the importance of such events, Haugan said: "For the past two years Qatalum has been expanding and working on improving its status in the aluminium industry, and our success is based on our ability to identify and respond to the demands of the industry. Given the context of the Qatar Projects 2011 conference, and the focus on development and projects over the decade leading up to Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup, I believe that this event was important for local and regional companies and organisations to come together and map out a plan for developing Qatar's infrastructure and economy."​

"The next ten years are going to be very busy and exciting for everyone in Qatar, and most especially those of us involved in the construction industry, as we work towards ensuring that everything is ready for one of the biggest events in the history of Qatar. Through the effective use of leading technology and expertise, Qatalum is growing into a sustainable economic catalyst that is at the heart of turning Qatar's gas energy into a valuable commodity – solid aluminium – and we are well on our way to creating a strong, knowledge-based industry. By sharing our experiences and our vision for the future through events such as this, we aim to be an important part of Qatar's development not only in the lead-up to the World Cup, but far beyond," Haugan added.