Best baffle-less baking furnace in the world

At the 145th TMS annual meeting and Exhibition, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, The Qatalum anode baking furnace was rated the best in the world.


On the 14-18 February 2016, at the TMS annual meeting and exhibition, where Aluminium smelters and mining companies display their latest improvements and achievements, the Qatalum Anode Baking furnace was rated as the AP technology benchmarks, which means the best in the world for baking homogeneity and refractory status.

Qatalum is one the few smelters in the world that uses baffle-less flue walls in its bake furnaces, an RTA (Aluminium Pechiney) technology, aimed to improve upon the traditional baffle flue walls used in most bake furnaces around the world.

Satpal Singh, Luis Isaque, Sergio Zunguze, Sachin Karkade, Nigel Anderson, Antonio Mangue

The excellence reflects Qatalum’s mission of creating a future of opportunities by setting the standard in operational excellence, therefore contributing towards Qatalum’s vision to be world class Aluminium Company.

Carbon management believe that, ‘this achievement is a result of our pursuit to continuously improve the way we operate the anode baking furnace, through our operations, maintenance and process teams by using established tools in Qatalum Production System.

This is a small step towards Qatalum’s goal to be the number 1 in the world.