Qatalum Launches the Latest Edition of Altogether Magazine

During a time of enormous growth for the aluminium industry, Qatalum, Qatar’s premium smelter, recently released Issue 6 of its acclaimed “Altogether” publication.

Included within the quarterly magazine are articles which not only detail Qatalum’s vast contributions to the State of Qatar but also reports related to the inner workings of the aluminium industry.

A key provision for aluminium’s growing prevalence as of late has related directly to the global automotive industry taking a wider interest in the material as opposed to its traditional use of steel. With the energy sector across the Gulf meanwhile suffering losses, Qatalum’s importance has grown immensely for the global aluminium trade; a reality touched on throughout this latest edition of “Altogether”.

“This installment of Altogether Magazine offers insight into the latest progress and unique purview of Qatalum. Achieving our objectives is only made possible by a world-class team of professionals working avidly to support our vision,” said Khalid Laram, Qatalum’s CEO.

The output of this dedicated team has resulted in our aluminium being used in a variety of industries which include the automotive, construction, engineering sectors and in the manufacturing of consumer goods. By the end of its journey, Qatalum’s aluminium reaches the entire global community. This journey has been detailed incredibly in this issue of Altogether.”

The award-winning company continues to advance the growing Qatalum platform by not only sharing the company’s endeavors related to CSR, sustainability and industry-leading technology, but also insight into what makes the aluminium industry tick as well as what’s to come in the years ahead.

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