ARABAL 2012 highlight aluminium industry's commitment to environmental requirements and standards

ARABAL 2012 highlight aluminium industry’s commitment to environmental requirements and standards

​Qatalum has stated that the program of the Arab International Aluminium Conference (ARABAL 2012), which will be held in Doha from 20th to 22nd of November 2012, will include topics that discuss environmental issues and their correlation with the aluminium industry, in a time of increasing movement to reduce the impacts of industry and environmental emissions.

Aluminium Qatar added that the aluminium smelting industry focuses on environment friendly concepts and values, as well as on environment, health, and safety standards, from construction to operation. Aluminium plants in the region are striving to develop emission controls that allow auto-control of emissions and their intensity. These plants pay special attention to smoke filtration systems from the main production centers to reduce emissions to the atmosphere. The growing interest in environmental aspects forms a new addition to the range of procedures that aim to preserve environment and reduce emissions from operation and production. Waste management processes are witnessing a remarkable progress in smelters, related to the process of sorting and separating the solid and liquid waste, which is then carried, stored and disposed properly. In addition to procedures taken to reduce waste and improve treatment procedures through reuse, recycling, or utilization, including management of the water consumption required for operation, as well as recycling this water.

Qatalum, organizer of ARABAL 2012, stated that aluminium smelters play a leading role in maintaining the health and safety of employees and of the entire community, on the basis of the industrial nature of aluminium industry and the intense activities and operations associated with production in the aluminium smelters, which involve direct risk on the surrounding environment. A number of smelters have adopted a culture and philosophy that focus on the importance of preserving natural resources and acting responsibly in their operations to preserve the environment, reduce harmful emissions, and reduction and recycling in all operations. These smelters show full commitment to adopt and implement international quality standards it all its products and services offered in all phases.

The focus and attention placed on the level and type of technology used have been increased, as aluminium smelters are using advanced technologies which help protect and preserve the environment, by using air quality monitoring stations around and outside the aluminium plants to measure the impact on the environment several times a day. Results are constantly examined with the aim of keeping emission levels within the accepted international standards. Aluminium companies pay special attention to minimizing harmful effects with the objective of improving, detecting, and managing the health of employees by providing them with a series of constant medical tests, particularly those regarding noise, inhalation of hazardous gases, and exposure to high temperature.

​The 16th Arab International Aluminium Conference (ARABAL 2012) will be held at the Grand Hyatt Doha 20th – 22nd November 2012, under the patronage of HE Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry, Chairman and Managing Director of Qatar Petroleum. ARABAL is the premier trade event for the Middle East’s aluminium industry and the only conference in the world attended by every single primary aluminium manufacturer in the region. Therefore, it is the conference of choice for anyone interested in the Middle East aluminium industry.​