ARABAL 2012 A success for the aluminium industry and for Qatalum

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The 2012 ARABAL International Aluminium Conference held in Doha between the 20th and 22nd of November comprised of several firsts since its inception in 1983. This, the 16 ARABAL conference was Qatar’s opportunity to highlight the i​ncreasing importance of the region’s growing presence as a primary aluminium producer​​ leaving audiences informed and contented.

The focus of the conference was to highlight the key role energy plays in the industry as well as present a knowledge based perspective for the future of the industry in regards to geopolitics, society, technology and markets.

Nothing symbolised the forward looking perspective of this conference than the new logo created with the approval of the ARABAL organising committee and the chairman and founder, Mr Mohammed Al-Naki. The conference exemplified the truly international nature of the aluminium industry by hosting a record breaking 45 nationalities representing 140 companies from around the world. Additionally, there was the adjacent exhibition stationed by very satisfied exhibitors with effortless access to attendees.

ARABAL 2012 began on the 19th of November with the morning session held by the London Metal Exchange to a standing room only audience. The afternoon allowed for a successful tour of Qatalum enabling interested parties to view the 600,000 metric tonne per year smelter in full production.

During the same evening’s attendee registration, at the Grand Hyatt Doha venue, the total attendee badges produced exceeded 630, a far greater attendance than any previous conference.

The 20th of November comprised of the first full day of conference activities. The theme of the panel discussions and presentations could best be described as being inspired and supportive of an excerpt from the Qata​lum Chairman, Mr Abdulrahman Ahmed Al Shaibi’s speech, in which he summarised, “Despite the impacts of the global economic crisis, our growth must be tempered with a long term perspective. In doing so, this makes us more flexible and able to cope with change with the least possible consequences.”

ARABAL 2012 A success for the aluminium industry and for Qatalum
Welcome speech by the Qatalum Chairman Abdulrahman Ahmed Al Shaibi​

ARABAL 2012 A success for the aluminium industry and for Qatalum
Qatalum staff manning the its exhibition stand The adjacent exhibition stands

The day was brought to an end with ‘Qatari Night’, a celebration of the Qatari way of life, culture and traditions, held at the St. Regis hotel. Delegates were treated to folk music, dance, food and a visit to a model Qatari village, before the traditional dinner. Appreciated by all who attended, the event was close to the organiser’s heart and demonstrated the generous hospitality synonymous with the Qatari culture.

ARABAL 2012 A success for the aluminium industry and for Qatalum​​

Qatari Night, hosted by Qatalum at the St Regis Hotel in Doha

The second and last day of activity saw two major issues dominate discussions, that of sustainable production and consumption. Arguably, the highlight and key industrial concern was that of China, both in its production and to a lesser extent its consumption along with other BRIC nations. Mr Paul Adkins, Director of AZ China Limited provoked and stimulated the audiences’ attention by posing the rhetorical question “Why on earth do the Chinese persist with making aluminium?”

ARABAL 2012 A success for the aluminium industry and for Qatalum​​

Panel on the 22nd November discussing China…

The sixteenth ARABAL International Aluminium Conference wrapped up with a Culture Night at Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, with a tour of the exhibits followed by a dinner at the Majlis Hall. The dinner provided an opportunity for delegates to discuss knowledge gained at the conference leaving room only for the excellent meal at the Hydro sponsored dinner.

ARABAL 2012 A success for the aluminium industry and for Qatalum Representation of the multicultural attendees at the conference representing 45 nationalities and 140 companies

Although, preceded by several successful ARABAL conferences, according to the Gulf Aluminium Council, ARABAL 2012 surpassed everyone’s expectations, placing it within the standards set by similar global events, both in terms of organisation, branding and intellectual returns. Appropriately, ARABAL 2012 in Qatar strongly represented the changing face of the global aluminium industry, highlighting the regions progressiveness as a major aluminium producer and knowledge based centre of excellence.

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