A Paradigm of Premium Aluminium Production

Qatalum, led by a precision culture, has a casthouse which produces more than 60% of its alloys for the automotive industry. This is a direct result of the manufacturing proficiency within one of the world’s most efficient aluminium smelters.

Over three years into full production and Qatalum’s products have gained a global customer base. What makes Qatalum’s Casthouse unique is that over 60% of its products are destined for the automotive industry. On its own, such an achievement stands as a testament to stringent manufacturing standards and robust marketing strategies. The only other industries that place higher demands on a casthouse product are electronics and aerospace, which however, require smaller volumes and specialised processes, respectively.

The reason for Qatalum achievement is simple economics and therefore market driven. With the increasing use for aluminium in the global automotive sector, Qatalum is producing to meet that demand head on. At present all foundry alloy and over 15% of its extrusion ingot production are used by the automotive industry.

As global demand rises, one particular market is of interest to Qatalum, Asia. In comparison to the West, the Asian automobile manufacturers use half the amount of aluminium in their cars. Ensuing environmental legislation and consumer demand have led the industry to look towards weight saving measures and other efficiencies to make their products more desirable.

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The resulting outcome is that Asian producers will equal their Western counterparts in product aluminium content in the near future and furthermore will join the global upward curve of engineering with aluminium.

According to Einar Glomnes, Managing Director Hydro Aluminium Asia Pte Limited, “We (Hydro one of Qatalum’s owners’, marketing office in Asia) work with all the major automotive manufacturers in the region, including Toyota Motors of Japan and Hyundai Motors of Korea. These are customers with the most exacting quality requirements that must be met in every single monthly shipment. Products from Qatalum are recognized as among the best in the Asian market and that our automotive customers have been very satisfied. ”
Roar Orsund, Casthouse Manager at Qatalum believes that, “Qatalum’s Casthouse is beginning to mature into a manufacturing unit that is market driven and increasingly geared towards producing value added products. The benefits from this demand authenticates Qatalum’s evolving precision culture.”