2016 Heat Stress Prevention Campaign

At Qatalum, this phenomena is taken very seriously with a dedicated campaign to prevent even the early stages of heat stress onset. Over the years the campaign has seen a significant decrease in incidents to result in a few minor First Aid based cases.

The campaign was launched on April 21, 2016 at the Service Centre lobby at 13:00 hrs. All employees were invited to attend the launch of the 2016 Heat Stress Prevention Campaign in order to set a conscious precedence to the importance of the campaign as operations move into the hot summer months.

The official launching of the 2016 Heat Stress Prevention Campaign was held through a town hall meeting with QMT members, employees and contractors.

Johnny Fernandez, Head of Occupational Hygiene hosted the opening program. Management were present to show visible leadership and solidarity spearheaded by the CEO and COO. This year’s Heat Stress Prevention Campaign focus and strategies were explained by Vimeshkumar Jani, Occupational Health Physician.

Deon Earle, HSSE Manager, announced the winners of the ‘Name Your Campaign’ and the winners were: Dilip Patel - Power Plant, Satyen Shaw - Power Plant, Saeed Malik - Procurement and Sheemem Hydrose - Technical

Dillipkumar Patel, C&I Maintenance, Power Plant.

"Whatever You Do, Take Water with You". This year’s winning theme of the ‘Name Your Campaign’ initiative was submitted by Dillipkumar Patel, C&I Maintenance, Power Plant.

Deon also concluded the campaign launch by giving the closing remarks, “I encourage everyone to look to your left and right and see and ask your colleagues if they are hydrated and if they are drinking sufficient water. In keeping ourselves hydrated at Qatalum, we are all ONE- no difference between a Qatalum employees and contractor.”

Khalid Mohamed Laram, CEO said “The challenge of decreasing the number of Heat Stress Cases in 2016 is with you. How? By drinking water and keeping you hydrated. As a member of the QMT, we provide the water. You, as the personnel on the floor must be responsible to take water and keep yourself hydrated.”

The launch and campaign kick-off was very well received with employees and contractors keen to ward off any signs of heat stress in the months to come.