2014 Physical Fitness Campaign Concluded

​Celebrating a successful campaign, the 2014 Physical Fitness Campaign Closing and Awarding Ceremony was held on the 3 December 2014 at 10:00 am, at the Service Center Lobby, Qatalum.

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Tom Petter Johansen, CEO, opened the closing ceremony with a warm welcome. In his speech, employees were encouraged to carry on with the application of fitness awareness learnt during the campaign in their day-to-day lives. He said, “Awareness of this campaign will be meaningless if not put into practice.”
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Meanwhile, Khalid Mohammed Laram, DCEO, acknowledged the success of this campaign in comparison to last year. This year’s campaign held more games and more participants with only one injury. The DCEO said, “During this campaign, we played 155 games with 594 employees participating. I look forward to doing even better in next year’s campaign.”

The speeches were followed with the awarding of trophies and medals to the following winners:
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Champion  : HSE and Admin
1st Runner Up  : Reduction 2
2nd Runner Up  : Casthouse
3rd Runner Up  : Power Plant

508- DSC_0224 copy.jpgCricket
Champion  : Casthouse
1st Runner Up  : Potline 1

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Champion  : Casthouse
1st Runner Up  : Technical

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Badminton Singles
Champion  : Suhermanto Ischak (Power Plant)
1st Runner Up  : Sajeev Nair (Reduction)

Badminton Doubles
Champion  : Sajeev Nair (Reduction) and Avinash Panoru (Casthouse)
1st Runner Up  : Suhermanto Ischak (Power Plant) and Vimeshkumar Jani (HSE)

Joy Abraham, Acting HSE Manager, officially closed the ceremony. Johnny Fernandez, Head of Occupational Hygiene, facilitated the program.