Primary Aluminium

Reduction constitutes three different areas; Potlines, Operational Support and Maintenance Reduction. The latter two are support functions for the potline. The potline is divided into two separate potlines totalling 704 pots.

Primary Almunium

First-stage capacity

• Total smelter capacity 585,000 tonnes per year
• Total cells 704 cells in 2 double-lined potrooms
• Potroom length approx 1200 metres
• Electrolytic reduction cell technology used HAL275 Hydro
• Each pot consists of30 anodes or 15 pairs

Operational parameters of each pot

• Temperature 956°C
• Bath height 20.5 cm
• Metal heìght 20.0 cm
• Pot voltage 4.20 V
• Pot amperes 300 kA
• Anode cycle time 600 hours
• Standard metal tap 1903 kg
• Beam raising 17 days

Products from Reduction

• Charge weight of liquid aluminium in annual tonnage
• Foundry alloys 245,000 tonnes
• Extrusion ingots 340,000 tonnes
• Aluminium purity (maximum Iron (Fe) content in one charge)
• Foundry alloys (charge requirements) 0.065% - 0.085%
• Extrusion ingots (charge requirements) 0.17% - 0.30%
Based on installed Casthouse capacity

Supporting facts

Alumina is fed through a closed system
A high-voltage system supplies electricity via busbars
Anodes will be installed using advanced cranes (Pot tending machines)
Mobile tapping vehicles transport liquid aluminium to the casthouse (Pot tapping vehicles)
Mobile pallets handle the spent anode butts
Cell relining workshop
Crane service workshop