Local Community

​When in operation, Qatalum will provide more than 1,000 permanent jobs in the local community of Mesaieed, south of the capital Doha, and contribute to Qatar’s expanding economic diversification.

Local Community

As of 2007:

Generating additional jobs

The Social Impact Assessment estimate​d that Qatalums development will generate approximately USD 200 million in expenditure on construction materials and services in the Qatari economy, which should later account for over 2,00​0 jobs in addition to the number of on-site construction workers during construction.

Stimulus to the Qatari economy

The planned development of Qatalum was welcomed locally. Its presence offers increased opportunities for commercial expansion. Besides a growth in service provision to offices and factories, the ongoing development is leading to a greater number of shops, restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, hostels, and tourism in general.