Global Industry

​Qatalum was launched in the right place and at the right time, when the global primary aluminium market is growing in the Arabian Gulf region..​ ​

Global Industry

​​The location of Qatalum is strategically important, as it enables customers in Asia and Europe – as well as in the United States – to be supplied ex​pediently.

​ ​ ​

Developing Qatar’s energy resources.​

Qatalum's mission is to meets the needs of its two owners. It forms part of the Qatari government’s strategy to further develop the country’s natural gas reserves by est​ablishing a portfolio of di​versified projects by means of joint-ventures and world class partnerships.

The Qatalum aluminium project demonstrates that Qatar offers the best conditions for energy-based industrial development. The policy of the government is to build a knowledge-based economy, and Qatalum helps broaden the nation’s industrial base.

Industrial leadership

For Hydro, Qatalum represents an important step in repositioning its primary aluminium activities, with a focus on developing its alumina and primary metal business in parts of the world with access to competitive natural resources.

Hydro sees Qatalum as a global benchmark in the aluminium industry – a demonstration of world-class project execution and an example of true industrial leadership. The site layout caters for the future expansion up to 1.2 million tonnes annual capacity.

Qatalum’s business operating costs is among the lowest in the industry, positioning it as a highly competitive global supplier. ​The product casthouse converts all potroom metal into value-added products - extrusion ingot and primary foundry alloys. The entire production of Qatalum is marketed through Hydro’s global marketing network.

Qatalum has entered into long-term raw material contracts with Hydro and third-party suppliers.